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Dual, founded in 1971 in South Korea; operates in the field of production of vehicle components such as automobile seat cover, fabric, A/bag fabric etc.

Dual Borgstena Trim Turkey, part of the Dual group; It was established on 09/11/2005 in Kocaeli/Kartepe. Our company produces vehicle trim parts.


The fabric from the integrated production process is cut and sewn inside the production facility. The main purpose here is to minimize raw material loss while increasing operational efficiency. The covers used in Hyundai seats are produced in our company's integrated production facilities in order to achieve the highest quality and create added value.

Karadenizliler Mah.
Alsancak Cad.
No : 399
Başiskele / Kocaeli
Tel: +90 (262) 351 35 50 fax: +90 (262) 351 35 44


Our precious guests,

Within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, Personal Data Processing Activity is carried out in accordance with the principles stated in the 4th article of the law and the conditions specified in the 5th and 6th articles. Our Company To carry out human resources processes, to provide company communication, to ensure the safety of the company and the people in the company, to create visitor records for our guests who physically visit our company on-site and through our company's online platforms, and to ensure the safety of third parties in the company, as a result of the signed contracts and protocols. and to perform transactions, to determine the preferences and needs of employees, data supervisors, contact persons, data responsible representatives and data processors within the scope of VERBİS, to arrange and update the services provided accordingly, to fulfill legal obligations as required or required by legal regulations. Provide liaison with real / legal persons who have business relations with the institution, make legal reports, be evidence of future legal disputes Arak realizes the data processing activities with the objectives of the burden of proof.

Our company takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to prevent the illegal processing of this personal data that is being processed within the framework of the law, to prevent the illegal access to the data and to ensure the protection of the data, and to carry out the necessary audits in this context. In this context, the personal data kept in our company are shared with the company lawyer, judicial and administrative authorities, individuals and institutions that can request personal data as required by legal obligation, and they are not transferred and shared with any other institutions or organizations.

Personal data processed in our company; amendment or relevance of the relevant legislative provisions that constitute the basis of its processing, the purpose that requires processing or storage, the disappearance of the purpose, when the processing of personal data occurs only in accordance with the explicit consent condition, the relevant person's withdrawal of his personal consent in accordance with the rights of the person pursuant to Article 11 of the Law and In cases where the application made for the destruction is accepted by the Authority, the maximum time that requires the storage of personal data has passed and there are no conditions that justify storing the personal data for a longer period, it is deleted, destroyed or ex officio deleted, destroyed or anonymized. .

We hereby declare that it is possible for all concerned persons to exercise their rights listed in Article 11 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 with regard to the processing of their personal data by applying to the KVKK Board established in our company.

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